UITP presents its priorities for EU policy 2019-2024

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Following the success of our MobilityOnTop! campaign, UITP is now presenting concrete actions to implement the EU Mobility Manifesto and achieve a modal shift to sustainable public transport.

By creating a list of concrete actions, UITP will help EU decision makers improve mobility and the quality of daily life for all European citizens by achieving a modal shift to sustainable public transport.

UITP is now calling on EU decision makers to translate these priorities into concrete actions and to recognise the major role public transport plays in our lives and cities.

This list of actions is based on the four priorities identified in our Mobility Manifesto launched in February ahead of the European elections.

The campaign has been a great success, as we have received the support of more than 300 signatures , including almost 40 MEPs.

More than two million people in Europe are directly employed in the public transport sector.

Public transport plays a major role in the life of cities and is also a key factor in the fight against climate change. As such, it should be supported by the new European Commission which defined the Green Deal, digitalisation and a social economy closer to citizens as main priorities.

See UITP’s Priorities for EU Policy 2019-2024 in full

Read more about our European priorities in the official press release

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