UITP re-elects President Pere Calvet

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Every two years, on the occasion of the UITP General Assembly at the Global Public Transport Summit, a new UITP President is elected by the members. This year, in Stockholm at the General Assembly of 9 June 2019, Pere Calvet, Director General of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) in Barcelona, Spain, was re-elected for another two-year mandate as President of UITP.

After winning the election with a whopping 96% of the votes, we are pleased to congratulate Mr Calvet and look forward to what the next two years under his leadership will bring.

Yesterday, at the Closing Ceremony of the UITP Summit, Mr Calvet took this opportunity to say a few words to formally mark the start of this second term in office. The following is extracted from his speech given today:

“This Global Public Transport Summit is really special for me. It is my first Summit as UITP President, and I am honoured to say that it will not be the last.

Indeed, the Executive board of UITP recently elected me for a second term and today marks the first day of this re-election.

I have to admit that I have really enjoyed these first two years of my mandate. There were a lot of challenges, but with the commitment of the Executive Board, I feel like we have reached so many accomplishments to move the association forward since the Montréal Summit.

In 2017, I presented my objectives as president, which were to keep modernising the organisation and more importantly to further professionalise it. The work done with the Secretary General and his team to reach these objectives is remarkable.

In the past two years, a lot of improvements have been made, a more modern governance model has been designed, a new organisational culture has been implemented and an innovative work programme is being carried out. UITP has achieved these while maintaining the daily business and providing the members with always the highest quality services.

So all of this was accomplished between Montreal and Stockholm. But Stockholm is not the end of this work, on the contrary. It is just a milestone in this exciting and important journey to keep advancing public transport.

UITP’s leadership in the sector will only remain if it keeps pushing its own limits to reach new heights

During the next two years, we will keep modernising the governance of UITP and we will provide it with new tools needed to better accomplish its missions. The improvements on governance will then lead the association to reaching a more sustainable financial situation. This is one of its main priorities. It implies the development of a more strategic approach to the development of UITP and the design of a more diverse range of activities. I have no doubts that the UITP Secretariat will succeed in this endeavour.

I will of course continue supporting the Secretary General’s commitment to increase the presence of women in the sector’s workforce. It takes time, but here again I am convinced that the efforts and awareness raising will pay off.

UITP’s leadership in the sector will only remain if it keeps pushing its own limits to reach new heights. Because, as you have heard in the sessions, the definition of public transport is changing and UITP has a responsibility to move one step ahead of the sector.

Now that I have been given the confidence of the General Assembly to continue the work, we will intensify efforts to reach these new objectives.

On a more individual note, I am and will be fully devoted to support UITP’s missions in the different regions of the world by promoting sustainable urban mobility to national governments and international organisations. These decision makers have a key role to play in defining the future of our sector. We need to promote more the benefits of public transport in terms of environment, social inclusion, economic development, health, to name a few. I will remain committed to advocating these benefits on behalf of the sector.

And I am committing to reaching these objectives by the time I end my second mandate during the next UITP Global Public Transport Summit which will take place in Melbourne, Australia.

Until then, I would like to thank you once more all for having been here at this edition of the Global Public Transport Summit.”

Thank you, Mr Calvet, for your dedication to advancing public transport!



Read our official press release to know more about our President's reelection! 

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