UITP reinforces its work with a revised governance structure

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With the ever-changing needs and mobility demands of a growing urban population, UITP must remain agile and continually position itself and its members at the forefront of urban developments. This process involves constant open-mindedness and self-reflection to ensure that we are always improving and operating to the best of our abilities.

Upon recent considerations, and under new leadership of the UITP President and the Executive Board, UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani proposed a few key changes to the UITP bylaws (our official documentation that describes the rules, governance and responsibilities of each body of UITP) that were approved by our members at the Extraordinary General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium on 23 November 2018.

So, what’s in it for you?

We have agreed upon several key changes, among which are these five that stand out in particular: the changing purpose of UITP, the appointment of a Deputy President of UITP to support the role of the UITP President, simplification of our existing UITP Divisions, reorganisation of our existing working bodies the UITP Committees, as well as the agreement to annual meetings of the General Assembly rather than biennial meetings.

Public transport is more than mass transit

Within the bylaws, we have revised the purpose of UITP to reflect a wider scope of public transport that goes beyond mass transit, including shared and on-demand mobility. As the definition of public transport expands and evolves, so to should the purpose of UITP.

Introducing our new Deputy President!

One of the biggest changes was the election of the first-ever UITP Deputy President, Ian Dobbs, who is also Vice President of the UITP Australia/New Zealand region. Dobbs has been mandated with the task of filling in on behalf of our President, Pere Calvet, should he be unavailable in certain circumstances that require his presence. In general, the role is designed to support the duties of the UITP President and Secretary General.

“Taking up the role of Deputy President for me personally is a great honour”, said Ian Dobbs, upon the results of the vote of the General Assembly in his favour. “It’s a very exciting time for UITP right now and I’m excited to be a part of its future.”

Simplifying our working structure and terminology

The UITP Divisions have become more simplified. Rather than three different types of Divisions (Region, Mode, Sector), we have now only two types of Divisions: Regional Divisions and Stakeholder Divisions. The Stakeholder Divisions merge both the Sector and Modal Divisional bodies.

The Association has also agreed to change the structure of the working bodies of UITP. Where there were once “(Division) Committees” and “Thematic Commissions”, there are now only “Committees”. The idea was to maintain a consistency in the terminology of our working bodies. Please see below the new structure of the UITP Divisions and Committees.

See you next year!

The General Assembly has changed the frequency of its meetings, from once every two years to an annual meeting. This will help improve the governance of UITP, as all important changes and decisions must be approved by the General Assembly.

The changes also confirmed that all the elective mandates would run for a two-year term, only renewable once, and they introduced gender balance as an objective for the composition of the different Committees and Boards.

Why these changes?

These and all the other changes made to the bylaws are meant to reinforce the work of our Association—this has been identified by UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani as one of the five strategic priorities for UITP in 2018-2020. The new bylaws have the aim of being more transparent and clarifying roles and responsibilities of our governance. We strive to reflect good governance practices within these bylaws, as well as the diversity and international dimension of our Association.

For more information, please download the Strategic Priorities leaflet here!

You will find everything you need to know about the UITP governance structure on our website here.

Download the new bylaws for more information!

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with new Deputy President Ian Dobbs! His bio can be found here.

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