UITP releases a brand new biennial report: Public Transport Trends

Public Transport Trends 2015 - a UITP publication

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Public Transport Trends 2015 - the bigger picture in a changing world

UITP has issued Public Transport Trends, a brand new biennial report detailing the most significant developments already having an effect on the mobility market in general and on public transport in particular.

With case studies, interviews with key industry leaders and groundbreaking data, the report illustrates just how much public transport will need to change both from the inside and in relation to external threats. Public transport must perform better, meet changing expectations and be more customer-oriented but the report illustrates how it can also contribute to jobs and growth and make cities both more competitive and more liveable.

The publication addresses public transport professionals and other mobility actors as well as politicians and decision-makers involved in city policies and urban affairs. It will be released every second year.

“UITP’s first Public Transport Trends report is a major step forward for the organisation in helping shape its huge and comprehensive work programme to best serves its membership," said Michèle Dix, who chaired the report's Steering Committee. "The Public Transport Trends report highlights developments affecting our industry. It presents the hot topics across a spectrum of issues that  UITP needs to focus on over the next two years. It is the first of a series that will be published every two years to coincide with the Global Public Transport Summits. Whilst the chairpersons of UITP working bodies have helped develop the Public Transport Trends report, we  hope that it is informative and helpful to all members of UITP.”

How to purchase it?

Interested? Whether you are a UITP member or not, you can buy Public Transport Trends by contacting us. Click here for more information.

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