The UITP Summit releases its content-rich programme: what’s in it for you?

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The UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019 has just released its full brochure, containing all the latest information about the theme, the venue, new and exciting aspects of the Exhibition, side-events and technical visits already planned throughout the Scandinavian region, and perhaps most anticipated of all, nearly the full Summit programme has been revealed.

The UITP Summit prides itself on its content-rich programme. This year, our programme has been organised under the theme ‘the Art of Public Transport’. We believe that each of us working in this sector is a mobility artist. Whether you’re an engineer or a marketer working in the public transport sector, you are a mobility artist. Which mobility artist are you? Have you taken our quiz yet to find out?

With over 1,500 quiz completions in less than a month, we’ve discovered that most of you are one of these top three mobility artist types: Mobility Designer (36%), Happiness Conductor (27%), or City Storyteller (22%).

So what can you expect to learn from some of our sessions this year? Here are some highlights for our top three mobility artist types from our programme.

1. Mobility Designer

As a Mobility Designer, you will be interested to attend our session that will present the first results of the UITP SPACE project on how to integrate fleets of shared autonomous vehicles with public transport. Get ready to hear about scenarios, use cases and worldwide experiences with AVs!

You will also have the opportunity to attend a session on building smart, dockless two-wheeler sharing systems in cities. This includes a discussion about the existing dockless bike-sharing systems in cities worldwide, and the newly emerging e-scooter-sharing schemes that have entered the market. Which two-wheeler systems work best and how can we boost their usage to build more sustainable cities? Be part of this important conversation on new mobility!

2. Happiness Conductor

For the Happiness Conductors attending the UITP Summit, you’ll be ‘happy’ to know that one of our first sessions of the Congress will tackle the question ‘How do we create customer happiness?’ You will learn about the direct relationship between happy leaders, happy staff and happy customers, and how to achieve all three.

Go even further beyond the customer, and discover how urban transport is essential to improving the experience of citizens and enabling a better quality of life in cities. In this session, you will learn how and why to better consider people’s experiences when designing public transport systems.

3. City Storyteller

As a City Storyteller, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy and liveable environment for citizens. Car reliance is bad for the health of city-goers, as it reduces the air quality and can cause traffic injuries. In one of our dedicated Congress sessions, explore how cities and public transport authorities adopt proactive and integrated transport policies to create an enhanced urban environment to encourage healthier mobility habits.

More public transport is not just better for the health of city-goers, but improves accessibility to community and business opportunities. In this sense, public transport is a key enabler to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more in the session ‘Urban transport policies for more liveable and competitive cities’.


Looking for more? Download the full brochure for the UITP Summit in Stockholm to find more information about our programme and what to expect at this defining public transport event!

Don’t forget to book your pass now to join us in Stockholm from 9-12 June 2019!

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