UITP unveils new urban rail Statistics Brief

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Always staying at the forefront of the international rail sector, UITP is pleased to announce the release of the latest Statistics Brief on global Urban Rail Infrastructure.

This new UITP Statistics Brief shows the developments of urban rail during 2018 with a focus on the evolution of metro and light rail transit.

Gathered from UITP’s rail project database, these new statistics show the growth and domination of specific continents, countries and cities – alongside the areas experiencing a slowdown in pace of opening.

Read our official press release announcing the latest global stats on urban rail

To view the Urban Rail Statistics Brief in full click here

The newest Urban Rail statistics will be one of the major rail reports that will serve as a source of information for TER4RAIL (Transversal Exploratory Research Activities for Railway), the latest UITP research project.

This EU-funded project launched in December 2018 and aims to reinforce the cooperation between rail-related stakeholders to improve the efficiency of research in the rail sector. This is done to facilitate innovative ideas and cross-fertilisation of knowledge from other disciplines.

Coordinated by EURNEX, UITP is joining forces with six other partners in TER4RAIL. Within the project, UITP will support data collection, and organise a workshop for planners and urbanists to discuss future urban scenarios in order to identify the features that will directly impact future rail systems.

For more information on the TER4RAIL project, visit the dedicated project website.

Check out our World Metro Figures Statistics Brief 2018 for more statistics on urban rail!

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