UITP unveils world metro figures in new Statistics Brief

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UITP is pleased to announce the release of the new statistics brief on metro systems around the world.

Metros are of critical importance to our cities for mobility and urbanisation - with new statistics showing that 168 million passengers use metros in 182 cities within 56 countries every day. 

For this new Statistics Brief, UITP has collected extensive data for a series of key indicators for all metros in the world including ridership, number of lines, network length, numbers of stations and – new for this edition – fleet size.

Read the official press release announcing UITP’s latest statistics brief here

Download the full Statistics Brief

The latest world metro statistics will be presented at a dedicated side event during UITP’s participation at InnoTrans (19 September 2018 at 14:30).

The statistics will also be presented outside of Europe during the UITP Metro Assembly taking place in Los Angeles (10-12 October 2018).

The data and analysis presented in this UITP Statistics Brief are a snapshot of a more in-depth, granular analysis of the underlying trends in the construction and operation of metro systems worldwide. This in-depth report also contains an extensive dataset highlighting, for each of the metro systems operational at the end of 2017, the following annual data points:
• Year of system opening
• Number of metro lines in operation for the previous five years
• The length of lines in operation for the previous five years
• The number of metro stations for the previous five years
• The number of passengers carried by the metro system for the previous five years
• The number of metro carriages used by the system for the last available year

UITP Premium members can access the Report and Dataset through UITP’s MyLibrary. All others must purchase the combined document by sending an email to publications@uitp.org. The prices for the combined Report and Dataset are the following:
-           free for UITP members
-           €800 for non-UITP members

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