Unlocking the value of data for public transport companies

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Digitalisation has changed our lives: from the way we learn, to the way we think, to the way we act and behave. A complete cultural transformation has ensued, and customers’ needs and expectations have evolved. If the customer has changed, then the business must follow suit.

Public transport, a business like any other, must also be prepared to seize the incredible opportunity that lies in front of us by becoming a data-enabled sector: allowing the sector to improve services and optimise operations to their fullest potential.

UITP has published a new Action Points paper on The value of data for the public transport sector, providing concrete recommendations for public transport operators and authorities to capitalise on available data. The paper explains the importance of developing a data strategy, based on the cost and value, focusing on the strategic benefits of data.

With thorough risk assessment and under specific local context, the sharing of data and cooperation can stimulate innovation and drive faster growth. For instance, public transport companies require knowledge about the mobility market in their region, travel patterns and mobility demand. This kind of data is necessary. Further data should be gathered on the status of their vehicles, infrastructure, and how external factors such as the weather, local events or construction sites can affect the mobility network.

UITP firmly believes that with such knowledge, public transport companies can become more cost-efficient and flexible, by proactively adjusting the mobility service to the demand.

The paper outlines the costs and various features that increase the value of data, as well as the necessary steps to enable operators and authorities in drafting a data sharing strategy, based on principles of reciprocity and co-development.

Read the full Action Points here!

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