Urban planning on the agenda in Milan

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Find out what are the sessions related to urban planning and public transport at our upcoming World Congress. 

Meeting growing population needs with sustainable urbanisation patterns and travel options offers many benefits for citizens and business alike, as already touched upon in a previous article on uitp.org.

The integration of public transport into urban planning can lead to socio-economic development, urban renewal and the ability to control urban sprawl. It can also lead to more compact development which in turn offers various environmental and economic benefits.

Mobility planning is both an art and a science and is an important process in shaping the future landscape of cities. The key to successfully combining public transport with urban planning will be the focus point of various sessions at the upcoming UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan.

Leading figures from both operators and authorities will discuss how public transport systems should form the basis of any development plans and how best to ensure a coordinated approach in the session ‘Integrated land use and urban transport development’. 

Meanwhile, in the session entitled ‘Master planning to fit the mobility needs of Asia,’ a wide panel of experts from across the region will expand upon the specific challenges in planning mobility in Asian cities, where there are immense differences in needs and the pace of development. The methodology and details of the planning, including the stages, thought processes and measurable goals will be reviewed and discussed. 

Last and by no means least, there will be a lunch session bringing together speakers from cities across the world that are facing the same challenges: providing high quality public transport services in low density areas. Speakers from Montreal, Sydney, Auckland and the Gold Coast will explore issues such as transport and land use planning integration, integrated mobility planning and infrastructure delivery.    

To find out more about these sessions as well as the rest of the event programme, head to the event website: www.uitpmilan2015.org or follow us on Twitter: @UITP2015

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