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Video surveillance is a common sight on public transport – with many considering it essential for security purposes. Yet, this technology engages great debate and we would like you to contribute towards the discussion.

In 2015, UITP and industry expert Axis Communications conducted a survey among public transport organisations to gain an understanding of video surveillance in public transport, particularly for security. This brief outlined the international trends in terms of current usage, equipment, regulations, positive effects as well as potential barriers in using the technology. It also outlined a vision for the future in terms of the needs of the sector and upcoming trends in video surveillance.

The findings showed that there is tremendous scope for video surveillance networks to make a real difference in real-time decision-making, rather than for traditional post-incident uses. Therefore, in order to monitor the current trends and analyse the latest developments, UITP is relaunching the survey - and we would like you to contribute.

UITP believes that a relaunch of the 2015 survey will enable us to track the trends and dig deeper into the findings from the previous edition.

The number one challenge with existing surveillance systems is the difficulty to monitor and overlook all cameras – surveillance systems are made of on average of thousands of cameras in public transport networks. Going forward, in order to address the key challenge of monitoring and overlooking the large amount of cameras, approximately half of the public transport organisations say they will broaden the type of video analytics used.

It is likely that this future trend will have a noticeable impact on the ability to detect more incidents in a timely fashion and be able to respond accordingly, minimising their impact. Additionally, the era of analytics is finally emerging with functionalities which are successful in the complex public transport environment.

Public transport systems clearly intend to invest further in these technologies in the coming years, and the technology has huge potential to assist public transport organisations in real-time. Video surveillance will firmly remain a cornerstone technology in public transport.

Responses will be kept confidential and findings will be published in spring 2018.

A link to the survey in English is below.

Versions are also available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Take the survey!

Read the Video Surveillance in Public Transport statistics brief!

Read the Video Surveillance in Public Transport full report!

Contact the project manager for more details.

UITP would like to thank you in advance for contributing towards the survey.  

Don’t forget to register for IT-TRANS 2018, from 6-8 March in Karlsruhe, Germany, where security will be a hot topic of discussion!

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