Vienna’s victory as world’s most liveable city points to the importance of sustainable mobility

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Every year, the Economist Intelligence Unit releases a free report ranking the world’s top 10 most liveable cities. After a seven-year winning streak, the Australian city of Melbourne has finally been defeated in the race to the title of ‘world’s most liveable city’, losing only by a fraction of a percent to the Austrian capital city, Vienna.

It should come as no surprise to see that the winner of 2017’s EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK under the theme ‘clean, shared and intelligent mobility’ has also won the title of world’s most liveable city. Vienna is renowned for its clean sidewalks, city parks and its many successful sustainable mobility initiatives, such as the WienMobil mobility app. As the city of Vienna shows, only with a strong public transport network and integrated sustainable mobility solutions can a city provide a high quality of life to residents.

Melbourne, the winning location of our Global Public Transport Summit 2021, remains high in the 2018 most liveable cities ranking at second place. This Australian city also boasts an impressive public transport network with the world’s largest tramway. Find out more about what makes Melbourne such a unique city (and why we think Australians should not lose hope at reaching their winning status again in the future) in our ’10 facets of Melbourne’ news: part one and part two!

Australia also had two more cities in the top 10 ranking: the city of Sydney in fifth place and the city of Adelaide in 10th.

We also have our eyes on Japan, with the city of Osaka climbing the rankings and landing in third place, as well as Tokyo settling into seventh place. The EIU’s annual ranking report claims that Osaka’s improvement is attributed in part to the quality and availability of public transport in the city.

From ‘the Great White North’, Canada’s city of Toronto tied with Tokyo for seventh place, while the city of Calgary took fourth and Vancouver took sixth.

Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen, often considered one of the ‘happiest places on Earth’, came in ninth place. Copenhagen promotes a healthy and sustainable urban lifestyle, and is well-known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

Congratulations to the top 10 most liveable cities! With EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK around the corner from 16-22 September, cities such as these should inspire other towns and cities to take part and register a MOBILITYACTION to improve their quality of life. The theme for this year’s edition is ‘Mix and Move!’ promoting multimodal initiatives. With 1,632 towns and cities registered so far from 38 countries we are counting 411 MOBILITYACTIONS and the count is climbing every day.

As usual, we are happy to see our participating members and will be regularly sharing their actions!

If you haven’t yet registered a MOBILITYACTION, register now and share it with us!  If you're active on social media, don't forget to use and follow the hashtag #MixAndMove!

Otherwise, have a look at what actions are already registered in your city and be sure to take an active part!

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