Volocopter prepares to launch the first-ever air taxis: is your city ready?

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Public transport is at a turning point, as mass transit begins to integrate new mobility services and complementary modes of sustainable transport into its expanding network. Travellers are constantly looking for the latest innovation and the most convenient way to get to their destinations, and in our sector, we are constantly working to provide these accessible mobility solutions.

As a latest form of innovation in the sector, German Urban Air Taxi company Volocopter has developed the first-ever air taxis that are now ready to be introduced to cities!

Volocopters are electrically-powered air taxis resembling a helicopter, but based on drone technology. They can fly two people for approximately 30km. They are built specifically for inner-city transport, and have been proven to fly safely, quietly and comfortably.

After successfully performing several demonstration flights in Dubai, UAE, and Las Vegas, USA, amongst others, Volocopter is ready to establish the first commercial air taxi routes to be up and running within two-three years.

Certain factors make a city especially attractive for air taxi pilot routes, such as population size, population density, climate and wind conditions, the traffic congestion rate, but also an openness of authorities to support future mobility solutions. Some specific criteria are:
Climate: moderate climate; average temperature ranging between 0 – 30 Celsius; wind levels below five on the Beaufort Scale
Population: > 1 million people; Cities sprawl of radius of min. 25 km and a population density of 6.000 ppl/ km²
Traffic: high traffic and congestion level routes; established public transport system

As a city official, are you interested in launching the first-ever air taxi routes in your city? Contact airtaxi@volocopter.com and the team will get back to you within two days.

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