ZeEUS Final Event: UITP Conference brings pioneering project to a close

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UITP has held a Conference to bring a close to the ZeEUS Project – where leading public transport and industry figures gathered to discuss the success of this pioneering project (Brussels, 20 March 2018)

ZeEUS – the Zero Emission Urban Bus System – was a project that aimed to be the main EU activity in extending the fully-electric solution to the core part of the urban bus network. Over 100 high-capacity electric buses were tested in ten cities across Europe: Barcelona, Bonn, Cagliari, Eindhoven, London, Munster, Paris, Pilsen, Stockholm and Warsaw.

Led by our Research and Innovation department and Director Umberto Guida, UITP has been the coordinator of ZeEUS with it becoming our biggest project to date.

“UITP had the honour to coordinate the ZeEUS project, one of the largest electric mobility projects ever funded by the European Commission. As the coordinator, UITP leads the way in supporting zero-emission transportation
as a sustainable and efficient form of public mobility in our regions and cities", said Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General

In order to close off this ground-breaking project, UITP held a Conference on ZeEUS: the Final Event to discuss the progress, achievements, outcomes and legacy of the project which began in 2013. 

To read more on this pioneering project please check out our official press release!

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