One Planet, One Plan

The planet is facing a climate crisis. You’ve heard this before. In the same way you’re aware that we need to act now.

The transport sector represents 40% of CO2 emissions in our cities. So we’re asking the world’s leaders and decision makers, what’s your plan?

UITP is calling on global policy makers and national governments to recognise the major role public transport plays on both local air pollution and climate change.

In 2020, when national governments are expected to resubmit new climate action plans, there should be no exception: public transport MUST appear on EVERY plan.

We only have one planet, and we only need one planso what are you waiting for?


One Four-Step Plan

In September 2019 as part of the #ONEPLANet campaign, UITP launched with its members a Climate Action Manifesto which detals a four-step action plan to reduce transport emissions in cities. 

Each step is supported by read-to-implement actions and successful implementations that can be adapted to cities all over the world. 

The full Climate Action Manifesto is available in multiple languages from our dedicated campaign website.

Read the full manifesto and join our campaign!


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