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Artificial Intelligence in Public Transport Research Project

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Artificial intelligence
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  • Regulations

AI in PT Research Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mass Public Transport, was the first study conducted by UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence under a joint-funded research programme between UITP and Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA). The study took place over the course of one year from December 2017 to December 2018.

It is undeniable that artificial intelligence (AI) is growing its importance in every sector, including public transport. The use of AI applications in public transport could be one of the critical solutions that efficiently unlocks the value of data to improve the quality and efficiency of the public transport sector.

UITP’s position is not to advocate the use of AI but to raise awareness, demystify the technology and outline the current landscape of AI applications in public transport. It is important that all stakeholders have a clearer understanding of the technology, better preparing them for the transformation and of their role in shaping the AI-integrated society we live in today.


Action Points 

Moving forward with artificial intelligence in public transport

Published: February 2020

Language: EN


Artificial Intelligence in Mass Public Transport

Published: December 2018

Format: PDF – 144 pages

Language: EN

The report encapsulates all research findings collected during the year-long study. Over 100 experts from across the globe contributed to the project in taking part in roundtable and workshops, submitting detailed use-cases and/or writing blog articles.

You will find inside a comprehensive collection of concrete examples and best practices, and an outline of what the future might hold for AI in public transport systems. The report goes further than demystifying AI in providing insights to organisations who may be considering AI-powered solutions.

Read the Executive Summary of the report here.

Read the full Report on MyLibrary (members only).

For non-UITP members who are interested in the report, please contact


[a summary of the highlights of the Report]

Watch the video

Training programmes on AI in Public Transport

Check UITP Academy webpage to know when the next one is happening.


Research Objectives

  • Review the current practices of using AI in mass public transport systems.
  • Explore how AI technologies should be best deployed in public transport systems to support public transport providers and authorities in the deployment of AI applications.
  • Consult AI experts to project the trend of AI in mass public transport in the next 5 years.

Project Scope

  • Customer Excellence: the deployment of AI for achieving better customer service and intelligence amongst authorities and operators;
  • Operational Excellence: the use of AI brings system and operational efficiencies through optimisation and predictive maintenance;
  • Engineering Excellence: inventory & asset management and predictive maintenance;
  • Security and Safety Prevention: the AI applications providing the solutions for improving operational safety and security measures, this includes offences involving revenues and property.
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