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Redefining Public Transport

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In 2019, UITP set out a mission to tell the world some very important stories

In order to place a global spotlight on the sector, UITP commissioned a series of mini-documentaries to highlight the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport.

Working with BBC StoryWorks from BBC Global News, “Redefining Public Transport: the changing faces of urban mobility” shows that the sector is about people – and the way in which we travel is changing.

Public transport now goes beyond buses, metros, trams and trains. Although traditional modes will always remain the backbone of our cities; bike-sharing, car-pooling, new mobility players, autonomous vehicles and driverless shuttles are all playing a part in the way people move around.

Our cities become more accessible when we restrict private cars.

Using public transport contributes to the quality of life in our cities – it makes them more prosperous by providing better access to jobs and culture.

Working alongside our members, our ambition was to bring to life the vision for the sector through beautifully crafted films, featuring worldwide public transport innovators and leaders.

It’s important that any misconceptions or outdated images about the sector are explained…and with this, “Redefining Public Transport” came to life.

Click on the map to discover the story behind each city!


…And here’s a look at four of our cities!

“These beautifully made documentaries showcase how public transport is being redefined around the world… I encourage everyone to find out how and why.”
Mohamed Mezghani
UITP Secretary General (acting on behalf of Mohamed Mezghani SARL)

Key facts and figures

  • 13 UITP Members

    Created their mini-documentaries all displayed on an interactive map.

  • An extensive digital campaign

    Across our dedicated digizine, Twitter and LinkedIn, our series gained extensive coverage with 1 million video views, 15,000 engagements and 1.2 million impressions.

  • 162,000 Digizine page visits

    From all over the world with our reach expanding from Ireland and Mexico to Canada and Australia.

Our stories continue in 2021 and beyond…

…as the next chapter begins.


With the success of our collaboration in 2019 and beyond, UITP will once again be collaborating with our members to tell new stories on the important role of public transport, which is needed now more than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed public transport and we must showcase how vital the sector is to the future of our cities, our climate and way of living.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with BBC StoryWorks, the latest mini-documentary was produced with our member KFW IPEX-Bank, highlighting the important role of public transport and urban mobility during the pandemic and showcasing mobility options available to us as we move around our cities.

KfW IPEX-Bank are working to modernise mobility and you can see the impact they’re having in the region of Chemnitz, Germany in their new film!

Stay tuned for our official launch news later this year!