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The Public Transport International (PTI) Magazine is temporarily shutting down, drawing a close to a media story that started 90 years ago when UITP launched its first PTI.

UITP has always focused on providing its readers with credible and influential content. We are proud of the quality our magazine has reached to become a must-read for the sector offering a unique perspective of the global trends and innovation shaping today's mobility.

Yet we have now reached a limit with the current format.

At UITP, we strive every day to stay relevant to our audience. We do our best to keep up with a constantly evolving world that’s becoming more and more digital-driven. And we commit to sustainability looking at, among others, our paper consumption.

We’re currently looking for the right partner to collaborate with in order to balance the production cost, and we will take this opportunity to adapt the product to today’s digital needs. This is a great opportunity to build a PTI for the future!

We hope our readers enjoyed reading it. This is not a last goodbye... stay tuned!


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