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Knowledge Brief

In motion charging: Innovative trolleybus

  • Eurasia
  • Battery
  • Electric bus
  • Electromobility
  • Infrastructure

A cost-effective solution

Urban sprawl and the significant environmental degradation are among the main factors that have led to a renewed interest in urban development and sustainable urban mobility. The latest technologies answered the public call for better environmental and post-fossil alternatives. The electric transition is not inexpensive but by using high efficiency systems, like light or heavy rail, the electrical drive can be cost-effective, sustainable and, in the end, a given no-brainer solution.

This Knowledge Brief presents the benefits of introducing trolleybuses with In Motion Charging into a city. It also describes the benefits of upgrading an already existing trolleybus system with In Motion Charging technology, combining passing under the overhead wires network with battery charge while operating in autonomous battery mode (with lowered current collectors).

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