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Ride-hailing in MENA

  • MENA
  • Customer service excellence
  • Data
  • Employment
  • Fare
  • MaaS
  • New mobility
  • On-demand
  • Performance management
  • Regulations
  • Urban mobility
  • Urban transport policy

What is the report about?

The report explores the state of ride-hailing provided by Transport Network Companies (TNCs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It provides a mapping of TNCs currently operating in the region together with brief descriptions of their services. In-depth analysis of 15 country case-studies  examine the regulatory framework and contracting models most prominent in the region while highlighting best practices based on comparative analysis.

What does the report cover?

Ride-hailing services were mapped in 15 MENA countries across the Gulf, Mashreq and Maghreb areas, as well as the laws, regulations and/or rules governing e-hailing services in these counties.

The regulatory setting as well as the main contracting models are analyzed using the regulatory comparative framework developed for this report.

The report then highlights best practices related to the development or updating of e-hailing regulations.

How can you use the report?

The report provides information on the state-of-practice of ride-hailing for public transport authorities and TNCs currently operating in or planning to enter the MENA market. Researchers and academics will also find this information useful. Although the case-studies were conducted in the MENA region, the relevance of the findings should apply internationally.

How can you get the report?

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