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Smart and Sustainable Mobility: UITP input to the European Strategy

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UITP is looking forward to the Commission’s upcoming Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (SSMS), which needs to be bolder and more ambitious than any previous strategies in order to turn the transport sector around and make it Green Deal compatible.

The European transport sector provides high quality mobility services and is on a firm path towards further modernisation and innovation. Each mode of transport plays its part, while the modal share of the private car is still high in Europe. It is important to recognise the role daily mobility plays for citizens as well as for issues such as climate change, congestion, quality of urban life, social cohesion and health. These challenges cannot be tackled through technological improvements alone.

In order to achieve its ambitious goals, we urge the Commission to recognise and strengthen public transport as the backbone of sustainable mobility and to foster modal shift in its upcoming strategy.

In this position paper, you will find our vision for urban and regional transport and 25 concrete recommendations to make daily mobility Green Deal compatible, resilient and socially sound.


  • UITP Staff

    Annika STIENEN

    Deputy Director - Senior Policy Expert Bus/Road transport, Energy and Fuels - Seconded by VDV
  • UITP Staff

    Lucie PETERSEN

    European Policy Expert Bus/Road transport, Energy and Fuels - Seconded by VDV
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