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Policy Brief

The impact of electric buses on urban life

  • Battery
  • Electric bus
  • Urban development
  • Urban mobility

Addressing integrated mobility

In order to meet their transport emissions reduction targets, many cities around the world are setting up specific strategies by considering electric mobility, for their public transport networks. These political choices are part of cities’ efforts to improve air quality in urban spaces, not only to take part in the global effort to combat climate change but also to make cities healthier places to live in. Apart from improving local air quality, these changes have infrastructural impacts on the urban space and on the organisation of the transport network

The UITP Policy Brief details the benefits electric buses can bring to cities, and to help better understand their various infrastructural impacts on urban spaces and space needs.

92% of RATP (Paris) users riding on electric buses think it will contribute to better air quality and 93% of them say it enhances the images of the operator and shows that the operator cares for its customers.
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