Representing public transport at the International Transport Forum

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UITP is currently taking part in the annual summit of the International Transport Forum, which is being held in Leipzig, Germany from 21-23 May.

The theme for this year's summit is "Transport for a changing world". UITP’s Secretary General, Alain Flausch, will be speaking in the session on "Delivering Sustainable Transport: Keeping the flame from Rio+20 alive" on Thursday 22 May at 16.30, where he will present UITP's declaration on climate leadership. Meanwhile, UITP President, Sir Peter Hendy, will talk about “Creating liveable cities in a changing urban landscape" on Thursday 22 May at 17.00.

On Friday 23 May (9:00-10:30am), the importance of national transport policies in achieving sustainable development goals will be highlighted in a side event UITP is organising, in collaboration with ITDP (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy). This session features the President and the Secretary General of UITP, as well as speakers from Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia. 

Milan, the host city of UITP’s 2015 World Congress and Exhibition was awarded ITF's 2014 Transport Achievement Award for its actions in improving urban transport. Transport for London was a runner up for this award, for its Open Data strategy that has spawned more than 190 smartphone transport applications for London.

UITP will also be taking part in a Bridging the Gap meeting on Thursday 22 May, where the sustainable transport community will coordinate its actions in view of the upcoming Climate Summit and COP meetings in Lima and Paris.

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