Services packages

Services packages

Our services are designed to meet the needs and objectives of our members all over the world and across the whole spectrum of public transport disciplines. UITP has developed three services packages designed to balance members’ level of involvement with their size, scope and area of authority.

The STANDARD package offers our members access to the main services of UITP, including discounts for its events and products.

The ADVANTAGE service package gives our members the opportunity to actively participate in discussions within the committees, the commissions and their working groups and obtain preferential access to data and expertise. Also included is the eligibility to help set the direction of UITP through its boards or executive committees.

The PREMIUM service package includes all the benefits of the STANDARD and ADVANTAGE packages, and also recognises the main contributors by giving them more visibility and representation in UITP’s activities.

Download the overview of the 3 services packages.


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    • Member companies whose membership fee is situated under € 2.500* benefit from the STANDARD services package including:

      • Acces to MyNetwork, the UITP members-only professional network
      • Access to MyLibrary, the UITP online database
      • Access to UITP members list
      • Access to experts and advocacy publications, such as Action Points, Position Papers, Statistics, & Knowledge/Policy Briefs
      • Contributions to Public Transport International (PTI) magazine (submission of articles)
      • Elligibility for UITP awards contests
      • Free copy of "The Journal", the newpaper serial released ahead of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit
      • Free copy of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit Wrap-up report
      • Free job ads postings on UITP website
      • Free PTI magazine mailing
      • Free use of UITP's campaigns
      • General advocacy
      • General Assembly voting (full members only)
      • Hosting UITP events
      • Involvement in Youth for Public Transport Foundation (Y4PT)
      • Members Hotline
      • Members Induction Programme & Welcome Pack.
      • Nomination of Ambassador Cardholder
      • Participation in the Division's Assembly
      • Participation in third-party funded projects
      • Pre-approved use of UITP Member Logo for communications postings
      • Preference for speaking at UITP events
      • Representation of members' interests towards international organisations
      • Representation of Operators/Authorities towards EU institutions
      • Sustainability Charter and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) coaching
      • UITP Direct newsletters & regional newsletters
      • Visibility of new member profiles in PTI quarterly magazine
      • Up to 50 pct discount on:

      • Advertising spaces on UITP communication channels
      • Branding opportunities & partnerships at events
      • Exhibition booth renting
      • Non-member rate for all events such as: congresses, conferences, seminars, summits, training programmes, workshops, webinars
      • Paying publications such as the Mobility in Cities Database or the Public Transport Trends report or tools to support advocacy activities 

    • Includes STANDARD package

    • Member companies whose membership fee is situated between € 2.500*  and € 20.000 benefit from the ADVANTAGE services package including STANDARD package services

      • Eligibility for Committees, Commissions (not applicable to EU Committee)**
      • Eligibility for Boards (via election)**
      • Eligibility for Regional Executive Committees (not applicable to EU Committee)**
      • Extended access to MyLibrary, the UITP online database
      • Free access to collected statistics
      • Free contribution for exhibitors in the Expo News, the exhibition magazine released for some UITP events
      • Free copy of each biennal Public Transport Trends report
      • Free speaking opportunities at Expo Focus Sessions (for exhibitors only)
      • Free thematic newsletters
      • On-request benchmarking (paying service)
      • On-request customised training (paying service)
      • On-request facts & figures library search
      • On-request peer reviews (paying service)
      • On-request study tours (paying service)
      • On-request targeted and time-limited UITP technical expert support
      • On-request Y4PT action (paying service)
      • Visibility within UITP's advocacy campaigns


    • Member companies whose membership fee is situated above € 20.000* benefit from the PREMIUM services package including STANDARD + ADVANTAGE packages services:

      • 2 free participations per year at UITP events (excluding UITP Global Transport Summit and Public Transport Manager Training)
      • Advantages at UITP Global Public Transport Summit, such as Premium Lounge, Premium lunch, express check-in, etc.
      • Eligibility for Boards (priority for non-allocated seats)**
      • Free possibility to organise press activities on UITP premises
      • Mini exhibition at UITP headquarters
      • On-request advanced/specialist library research
      • Possibility to reserve a seat at the President Dinner
      • Press releases posted on UITP website
      • Special events for high-level Executives
      • Visibility in UITP corporate material
      • Young manager scheme at UITP Global Transport Summit

Notes * Inclusive of 7.5% European contribution, exclusive of VAT - ** Following the terms of reference

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