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July 2017

The SORT project ('Standardised On-Road Test cycles'), an initiative of the UITP Bus Committee, first aimed at providing the bus sector with a standardised means of comparing the energy consumption of different buses.

To meet the changing needs of the sector, SORT has recently expanded its scope to include electric buses. The newly branded ‘E-SORT’ has the aim to measure, in an accurate and reproducible way, the traction energy consumption and to obtain information on the Zero Emissions range of a bus.

After two years of research, UITP is now releasing E-SORT, a new addendum to the initial UITP SORT brochure: Standardised On Road Test Cycles for electric buses. This methodology allows bus operators to access comparative data regarding traction energy consumption (either fuel, gas or electricity) and information on the optimal daily range for electric buses. The test protocol applies to two types of buses: full electric buses and hybrid buses that can be externally re-charged (plug-in hybrid electric bus).

This new addendum is of use to bus operators, public transport authorities (during tender procedures) and the bus industry as a reference document.

Download the ‘SORT Cycles for electric buses’ protocol (UITP members only)

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Title: UITP project “E-SORT” – Standardised On Road Test Cycles for electric buses
Format: 20 pages – print and PDF
Language: English
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