Local public transport trends in the European Union

June 2014

UITP is launching its first annual publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand trends in the EU Member States. This UITP statistics publication, the first in a coming series, provides detailed figures by country and the breakdown of journeys by public transport mode in urban and suburban areas. It’s the first comprehensive effort to gather and analyse local public transport ridership data by country in the whole of the EU.

In this publication, we document the relatively steady growth in demand for public transport from 2000 to 2012 in the EU, with some countries displaying significant variations in public transport demand before and after the 2009 crisis.

The level of use of public transport has broadly reflected the evolution of the economic situation of Europe over the last decade. However it is likely that the dynamics that started in the middle of the decade were underpinned by some more structural changes. The analysis of the drivers of these changes is essential to support further growth of public transport demand after recovering from the crisis and to identify funding needs and healthy business models for public transport in the coming decade.

The statistics brief is one part of a new UITP service that it available free of charge to members and non-members alike. As part of this new service, you are able to avail of the complete database of figures on public transport ridership in most EU countries for years 2000 to 2012 (subject to a fee of 95.00€ for Standard UITP members and 190.00€ for non-members, or free of charge to Advantage and Premium members). These additional services are available for download through our online library, Mobi+ for Advantage and Premium members, please click here.  

To purchase the database please contact Doriano ANGOTZI, Membership Project Manager, at doriano.angotzi(at)uitp.org.

CONTACT: Mircea STERIU, Statistics Manager, mircea.steriu(at)uitp.org


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