Local public transport in the European Union

June 2016

UITP’s publication that tracks and analyses public transport demand in EU Member States is back. This UITP statistics publication provides detailed figures by country and the breakdown of journeys by public transport mode.

The 2016 ‘Local public transport in the European Union’ Statistics Brief illustrates that 2014 saw the highest number of local public transport journeys in the 28 EU Member States since the turn of the millennium.

The modal breakdown of the 57.6 billion journeys recorded in 2014 has remained stable, with road-based services accounting for 32.07 billion journeys, the remainder being rather equally split between rail modes: 9.34 billion journeys on metro networks, 8.38 billion journeys in trams and light rail vehicle and 7.84 billion journeys on suburban railway services. Put differently, urban and suburban public transport services carried approximately 185 million passengers on an average working day across the EU, providing the backbone of urban mobility in many EU cities.

The data in this publication has been extracted from an updated version of the Local Public Transport Ridership in the EU Database containing complete ridership figures for years 2000 to 2014. As part of their service package benefits, UITP Advantage and Premium members can freely download the database through the Mobi+ digital library.

The database is also available to Standard UITP members and non-members, subject to a fee:

  • 95.00€ for Standard members 
  • 190.00€ for non-members

To purchase the database please contact: Doriano ANGOTZIMembership Project Manager

CONTACT: Mircea STERIU, Statistics Manager


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