Transversal Exploratory Research Activities for Railway

The main objective of TER4RAIL is to reinforce the cooperation between rail-related stakeholders to improve the efficiency of research in the rail sector, in order to facilitate emerging innovative ideas and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge from other disciplines or of disruptive technology and innovation. TER4RAIL entails a coordination and support action to determine transversal exploratory research activities among different actors that are beneficial for railways, and it represents the European railway community by different actors (industry, academia, users, researchers, and policy makers) with different perceptions regarding technological applications and different objectives for the future. 

Objectives of TER4RAIL

  • To identify and monitor new opportunities for innovative research and facilitate the cross-fertilisation of knowledge from other disciplines or of disruptive technology and innovations;
  • To review, support, and improve the sector roadmaps, in preparation for the next iteration of the roadmapping process in the railway sector, considering multimodal environments and railway as the backbone of mobility in the future;
  • To collect, analyse, and elaborate available data and statistics to build arguments that portray the benefits of railways for European society;
  • To communicate and promote, in joint collaboration with Shift2Rail, the outcomes to the scientific community, rail stakeholders, mobility innovators, technology providers, policy makers, and non-rail stakeholders in the framework of coordinated transversal Research and Innovation (R&I):

TER4RAIL considers railways as the backbone of future European mobility, as stated in the rail sector’s European Railway Research Advisory Council’s (ERRAC) Rail 2050 Vision published in December 2017, and therefore, it is necessary that TER4RAIL raise arguments that can sustain this essential system. 

TER4RAIL will be able to select and synthetize a considerable amount of information regarding railways’ futures and transmit them in a consolidated, improved, clear, and understandable manner. This should facilitate the realisation of TER4RAIL’s ambition of being the reference for the evolution of EU railways.

Within the project, UITP will organise a workshop for planners and urbanists to discuss future urban scenarios in order to identify the features that will directly impact the conception of future rail systems, and provide arguments that support urban rail by participating in data collection. 


  • Duration: December 2018 - December 2020
  • Funding: €499, 992 (100% EU funded)
  • Coordinator: EURNEX 

Contact: Daria Kuzmina

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