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A little background

According to UITP’s knowledge base, the bus is the most used mode of public transport around the world. With millions of journeys being taken daily, we know there really is no sustainable mobility within our cities without boarding the bus. The bus has a long and rich history within the sector, and UITP.

The image of the bus has been resurrected in recent years, with the creation of new services, innovative operations and the promotion of original policies bolstering the sector. New innovative policy and strong political drive has helped advance the bus to new heights, as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and the electric bus have found great international success. The bus also plays a vital role in the discussion on climate change and automation as reducing emissions and road fatalities as well as curbing congestion in our cities. The innovative bus systems immensely contribute to achieve cleaner and cooperative, connected and automated urban mobility.

What do we do?

At UITP, bus operators work within the relevant Committee on important issues such as maintenance, operation and development. Knowledge exchange and knowledge generation for the entire sector is the main goal.

“If you want to have good public transport then you need to battle politically. The authorities and the city help improve the image of the bus by giving road space to buses, which in turn improves services. It is this kind of system approach that UITP advocates. Of course, once it is realised and it is running, you tend to only get positive feedback”
Arno Kerkhof
UITP’s Bus Transport Unit Leader


  • UITP Staff

    Arno KERKHOF

    Head of Bus Transport Unit
  • UITP Staff


    Officer - Knowledge & Innovation
  • Committee Chair

    Michael RENSHAW

    Executive Director, Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Assembly Chair

    Renée AMILCAR

    Executive Director Bus Operations, Société de Transport de Montréal
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