UITP Awards 2019 Jury

Find out more about the members of the UITP Awards 2019 Jury

  • Graham Currie

Professor of Public Transport and Director of the Public Transport Research Group at Monash University Australia, Graham Currie is a research leader in his field and has been working for a number of public transport industry clients throughout the world. When assessing UITP Awards applications, Graham saw “fantastic reimagining of what we can do with public transport for cities”. He paid particular attention to the overall impact of each project in addressing the most significant challenges faced by the industry today.


  • Richard Forster

Richard Forster has been an editor and journalist for 20 years, having written for the Financial Times, Euromoney, IFLR and Project Finance magazines. Richard is Editor-in-Chief at PFD Publications, which launched Cities Today in 2010 as the first global magazine for decision makers in urban development. He has edited many publications focusing on cities for UN-Habitat, United Cities and Local Governments and the Federation of Latin American Municipalities and works as a consultant on urban affairs to UN-Habitat and the International Telecommunication Union.


  • Abdul Aziz Abdulla Malik

With more than 30 years of experience in bus and taxi planning and operation, Abdul Aziz Abdulla Malik is the Advisor to strategy and corporate governance sector at RTA, the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai. Abdul Aziz has taken active part in the preparation of the Dubai Master Plan, as well as the development of marine transport and the Dubai metro. He is also the founder and ex-Chair of UITP Mena Division and UITP MENA Taxi Working Group. 


  • Petra Mollet

Petra Mollet is the Vice-President Strategic and International Programs at the American Public Transportation Association. Having spent the past 20 years working on public transport issues, Petra remains deeply inspired by the creativity and passion of those working in this sector. Petra was particularly impressed by UITP Awards applicants’ ability to make a game-changing impact in a very resource-challenged environment, especially in emerging economies. “It is not just about the application of new technologies, but also about a different way of approaching existing public transport challenges”, she explained.


  • Jose Viegas

José Viegas is a (retired) Professor of Transport at the University of Lisbon, and long-time friend and collaborator of UITP, working on multiple issues related to urban mobility. José has also worked for the OECD as Secretary General of the International Transport Forum, where he contributed to significant research for the modernisation of public modes of urban transport. To him, the selection of projects presented by UITP Awards applicants suggests a promising future for public transport, where “the biggest risk could be fear of innovative solutions”.


  • Tom Wright

Tom Wright is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Regional Plan Association (RPA), a private think-tank that makes long-term plans for the New York metropolitan region. Together with his team, Tom works with the major transit agencies in his region to advocate for resources, promote capital projects, and modernise mobility. Tom was impressed by the fact that winning proposals for the UITP Awards came from all over the world. “Nobody has a monopoly on creativity, innovation and inspiration”, he concludes.


  • Natasha Zulkifli

Natasha Zulkifli is the founder and leader of Women in Rail Malaysia, a not-for-profit organisation promoting equality and diversity for women in the Malaysian rail industry. Currently working as the Executive Vice President in the President and Group CEO’s Office at Prasarana Malaysia Berahd (a company providing bus and rail services), Natasha has many years of experience in public transport. She is passionate about supporting the career progression of women currently working within the industry and to promote the rail sector as a career of choice to young women.

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