UITP Rail Conference confirmed for October 2015

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For nearly two centuries, rail transport has had a long tradition of serving millions of travellers every day. While the development of high speed rail has brought cities closer, it is within the boundaries of metropolitan areas that the overwhelming majority of rail journeys are made, with 100 billion trips now made on metros and trams every year around the world.

Despite its long history, rail transport has managed to retain an image of modernity, efficiency and desirability for many cities: new systems and new lines open every month in our increasingly urban world. Rail transport is and increasingly will be the cornerstone of mobility in Smart Cities, be they in emerging countries or in the “old world,” as part of transformational efforts to move millions of people more efficiently.

In this context, the UITP Rail Conference will highlight the benefits of each local rail mode and their specific challenges, as well as intermodal synergies. Overarching topics related to all modes such as financing, customer services, safety and the potential for rail integration will be discussed. The event will also include separate modal sessions focusing on specific issues and challenges. The programme will also analyse whether our sector is embracing the potential of Smart Cities: is the Smart City concept driving change in the rail industry? Can local rail companies run smarter operations?

The event will be hosted by the extremely successful tram and metro operator MVG, in the beautiful city of Munich, widely praised for its vitality and the quality of life it offers.

Would you like to be a part of this unmissable event for the rail sector? The call for papers is now open! For more information, please visit:  http://www.uitp.org/GoRail

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