UN Climate Summit countdown: Strengthening our message, one commitment at a time

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Since UITP launched its Declaration of Climate Leadership in May, more and more UITP members have come forward to share with us their plans to reduce CO2 emissions and to encourage a shift to sustainable low carbon transport.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon personally challenged UITP members to demonstrate their role in the fight against climate change at September’s UN Climate Summit in New York. UITP will be able to bring these member projects to the attention of heads of state and key decision-makers at the one-off UN event in September, demonstrating that public transport is vital in the fight against climate change and building competitive cities.

The plans that have already been shared by UITP members, when combined, will bring about a reduction in millions of tonnes of CO2, shift millions of people to public transport and save millions of dollars in improved energy efficiency in over 50 cities around the globe. More than 60 of our members have submitted their plans to date, and more have pledged to come forward before the end of August deadline.

We want to hear from more UITP members about how they are making their cities even more attractive, competitive and environmentally sustainable. The more plans we receive, the stronger UITP’s message will be - that we need to invest the billions of dollars earmarked for annual climate mitigation in local public transport if we are to address today's environmental challenges.


  • Contact: Philip Turner, Sustainable Development Manager - philip.turner(at)uitp.org

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