Urban Mobility and Congestion Charging

CC  Ian Muttoo
June 2007
  • Communication, travel info & ticketing

Traffic congestion in cities hinders the mobility of people and goods and is increasingly undermining the economic, social and environmental welfare of our cities. Traffic congestion makes cities

Less pleasant and more expensive places in which to live, work and play. A previous uitp focus
paper on ‘pricing and urban mobility’ (march
2001) recommends how best to charge for public transport, parking, company cars and road space. It also tackles the principles driving public transport investments and funding. In particular, it describes why transport fares and taxes should be calculated with reference to marginal social costs to maximise overall welfare. This principle has been proposed in the european commission’s 1998 white paper and recommended by the european conference of ministers of transport resolution 2000/3.

This focus paper extends the analysis to look in more detail as to when charging for road space is appropriate, compared with other pricing policies (such as parking policies) or wider transport policies. It also examines what decision-makers and transport professionals need to do to make such a policy acceptable to the public.

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