E-LOBSTER  (Electric LOsses Balancing through integrated STorage and power Electronics towards increased synergy between Railways and electricity distribution networks)

European electricity distribution networks and light-railway networks present common issues: both have been developed as independent networks relying on consistent and reliable power supplies. However, with the increased use of renewable energy sources, new challenges need to be addressed. Both networks are now looking at integrated solutions that will reduce energy losses, increase the stability of the electricity network (the grid) and accommodate the needs of local electrical storage, prosumers, and new energy actors such as electric vehicles.

E-LOBSTER intends to capture the potential of creating synergies between these two networks through the development of an innovative, economically viable and easily replicable electric Transport-Grid Inter-Connection System. This system will be able to reduce energy losses by maximising the use of local renewable energy sources and making electricity distribution networks and electrified transport networks interact with each other.

E-LOBSTER project is proposing an innovative R+G (Railway to Grid) Management system which, combined with advanced power electronics, will be able to reduce electricity losses in both the power distribution network and the light railway network. The system will be able to make the best use of the available energy on both the grids by increasing their mutual synergies and maximizing the consumption of local Renewable Energy Sources (RES) production through electric energy storages.

E-LOBSTER main objectives are:

  • Develop an innovative unique tool for the real-time monitoring of losses and energy consumption of power distribution networks and railway electrification networks validated through real data
  • Develop advanced power electronics that will allow a unique management of the energy between traction substations and distribution network
  • Develop and validate a new real-time optimized Railway to Grid/Grid to Railway (R+G) energy management aiming to optimize the interaction between electrified transport and distribution networks using shared assets
  • Identify and validate the most suitable storage technologies for the mutual synergy interconnection of electrified transport and distribution network increasing the penetration of RES and promoting EVs solutions transferring the knowledge and expertise of the automotive sector to the power distribution and railway sectors
  • Demonstrate E-LOBSTER innovative solutions and technologies in real conditions in the Metro of Madrid.

Within the project, UITP will organise three stakeholder workshops from 2019 to 2021 focused on two groups: electrified public transport stakeholders, and electrical distribution networks operators and technology providers.


  • Duration: June 2018 - November 2021
  • Budget: €941.874
  • Coordinator: RINA
  • Partners: TPS (Turbo Power Systems), RSSB, University of Birmingham, Metro de Madrid, Lithium Balance, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, FFE (Spanish Railways Foundation), UITP (International Association of Public Transport)

Website: www.e-lobster.eu

Twitter: @H2020ELOBSTER

Contact: Efe Usanmaz


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