Financing Toolbox

Public Transport Financing Toolbox

In tight economic times, the way public transport is funded and financed is in the spotlight. Funding needs are increasing due to rising demand for public transport, higher quality expectations from customers and the rising cost of factors such as labour and energy.

With funding needs growing, cost coverage ratios falling and public budgets coming under increasing pressure, now is the time to seek out new public transport funding solutions to help deliver more sustainable business models that fit with cities’ different contexts and needs.

What's in the Toolbox?

UITP’s Public Transport Financing Toolbox is a tool developed specifically to provide UITP’s members with inspiration on innovative revenue sources. It offers a wealth of information on existing and emerging solutions, best-practice case studies, and further references.

This Toolbox helps guide decision makers as they develop a revenue strategy that fits their needs and local situation. The Toolbox also sets out to provide advocacy and technical tools that will help public transport stakeholders engage with financing institutions, public and private investors, and urban developers, and thus make innovative funding streams a reality.

The Toolbox is divided into three sections, looking at how local taxes and charges can be used to fund public transport, how public transport companies can optimise cost coverage, and how public transport can build mutually beneficial partnerships with private investors. Whilst there is no silver bullet, successful strategies will combine elements of all three approaches.

Take a look at the Toolbox.

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