New database on world metro figures in 2013

photo of metro © Transport for London

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Today, October 20, UITP launched a new database providing the latest figures on the use and infrastructure of metro networks worldwide.  With almost 150 cities and metropolitan areas worldwide having a metro system, they provide the backbone of public transport networks in an ever-increasing number of places world-wide.

While many cities opt to invest in building new or upgrading existing metros, a myriad of factors such as the number of lines, stations, the integration of the metro within the urban fabric, or high-quality service and reliability play a key role in unlocking the potential of metros to transform and improve the urban mobility landscape.

This new database provides a snapshot of the metro networks operating in 2013. Annual ridership figures are supplemented by data describing the metro infrastructure for each city: the number of metro lines, the length of the lines and the number of stations. The cities included are grouped by country and by world region.

More information is available here.

Contact: Mircea STERIU, Statistics Manager, mircea.steriu(at)

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