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5 mobile applications enhancing the mobility experience

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Digitalisation is here to stay...

Digitalisation is not just a trend in our sector – it’s a transformative force. It is crucial that public transport professionals adapt and harness it. By making door-to-door trips seamless, accessible and easy to navigate, we can increase ridership and stimulate a modal shift from private cars to public transport.

This is right where cutting-edge applications come in. Let’s delve into five leading mobile apps that are the forefront of enhancing the mobility experience.

Each of these innovative tools not only exemplifies the usefulness of technology in public transport but also aligns with UITP’s mission to promote sustainable and accessible mobility solutions worldwide. By enhancing the passenger experience, improving service accessibility, and streamlining operations, these applications showcase our vision. They are not just tools but catalysts for the modal shift we advocate for, moving us closer to a future where public transport is the backbone of urban mobility.

Île-de-france Mobilités

Paris, France

The Île-de-France Mobilités app has become an invaluable companion for navigating Paris, especially with the Summer Olympics 2024 on the horizon. This app is a digital Swiss Army knife for urban travel. Not only does it facilitate seamless trip planning, but it also enables convenient ‘Navigo’ smart-card top-ups. Through the app, users can directly purchase and load tickets onto their Navigo card, merging the convenience of digital transactions with the physical card’s utility. The application also provides real-time updates on transportation options, covering everything from biking to car-pooling and car-sharing. It’s a comprehensive tool, designed to streamline your journey through the city.


DOT Billetter

Copenhagen, Denmark

Born from a partnership between DSB, Movia, and Metroselskabet, DOT stands as a testament to Denmark’s collaborative spirit in enhancing commuter experiences across buses, trains, and metros. The DOT ticketing app keeps passengers in the loop with real-time traffic insights and upcoming schedule alterations. This leap forward digitalises the commuter’s journey, making the app a cornerstone for sustainable travel and an engagement channel for exploring different transportation modes.

Delhi Metro

Delhi, India

While this application isn’t a direct creation of our member Delhi Metro, their adoption and innovative use of it certainly merit recognition. They’ve leveraged WhatsApp, a platform ever-present in our daily communications, to reimagine ticketing. This approach exemplifies how Mobility as a Service (MaaS) extends beyond dedicated applications, utilising widely-used platforms to enhance service accessibility. Through a simple WhatsApp chat, Delhi Metro passengers can conveniently purchase tickets, showcasing the potential for integrating everyday technology in public transport solutions.

Booking a metro ticket through WhatsApp is straightforward. Just add DMRC’s WhatsApp number, send a “Hi,” choose your language, and select “Buy Ticket.” Tell it your start and destination stations, decide how many tickets you need, and pay securely. You’ll get a QR ticket in the chat, ready to use at the metro gates. This quick process, part of making public transport easier and more accessible, helped Delhi Metro handle over 2 billion trips in 2023, showing how familiar tech can make sustainable travel simple.


Barcelona, Spain

SMOU brings a fresh perspective to accessing shared mobility in Barcelona. It enhances the user experience by simplifying the discovery and use of shared mobility services, underscoring Barcelona’s commitment to sustainable and accessible urban transport. With SMOU, you can tap into the ‘Bicing’ bike-share system, manage parking payments, access B:SM parking, recharge electric vehicles, and find all sharing options. Its standout feature? Providing comprehensive info on public parking and charging stations city-wide.


Hamburg, Germany

The HVV app presents Hamburg’s holistic approach to mobility, blending traditional and modern transport modes. It doesn’t just stop at offering useful info, like bookmarking connections or setting reminders. The app also alerts passengers to service interruptions and shares announcements.

With its intelligent route planner, the HVV app ensures a fluid travel experience across buses, subways, trains, and even ferries, highlighting Hamburg’s dedication to delivering extensive and timely passenger information. The inclusion of waterborne ferry services is a unique touch, setting it apart from the crowd.

Diving deeper into digitalisation and public transport

Our sector continues to evolve, with digitalisation playing a pivotal role in this transformation. The upcoming IT-TRANS event in Karlsruhe, Germany, from May 14-16, offers an unparalleled platform to explore the latest innovations in public transport. From AI and cybersecurity to payment systems and data governance, IT-TRANS is the place to be for insights from the global public transport landscape.

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