Transport social partners unite for sustainable urban mobility & quality working conditions

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The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) today signed a joint statement to promote sustainable urban mobility in Europe and promote quality working conditions.

UITP and ETF (‘the European social partners’) call on the European Commission to strongly promote and support action at local level and take up the target of doubling the market share of public transport by 2030.

The two partners agree upon and recommend the following policy levers to meet this objective:

  • The development by Member States of a long-term financing perspective for accessible and affordable public transport and to report on it, taking into account the economic and societal benefits of avoiding costs such as health or congestion costs ;
  • A clear political commitment to evaluating and prioritising the transport modes in cities depending on their use of space and energy (including the level of emissions);
  • Individual e-mobility should not negatively impact on public transport and/or contribute to further congestion: the focus should be on shared mobility.

Sustainable urban mobility represents one of the economic drivers supporting the attractiveness of European cities. The public transport sector itself has a high potential to create quality jobs in urban areas. In many cities and agglomerations the sector makes a valuable contribution to the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, providing qualification and traineeship opportunities especially for young people and social partners develop and implement diversity policies at company level.

Motivated, well trained and rewarded staff represent essential elements for the delivery of high quality public transport able to attract and retain users. The quality of the working environment is therefore key for the provision of the mobility services expected by customers, which are at the heart of the process.

In this context, UITP and ETF strongly emphasise the responsibility of all levels of government including the European level to ensure quality in public transport and thus quality working conditions, the provision of appropriate financing as well as a close cooperation among employers, employees and trade unions to pursue common objectives.

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