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Once on every executive’s lips, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has reached this level of integration where it’s not really a buzzword anymore. It seems like all the major organisations have, one way or another, moved beyond communication strategies to implement policies and actions that actually reduce the impact of their daily activities, while improving the surrounding communities.

It is now fair to say that those that may have overlooked this movement at one point or another, considering it has been a pure public relations strategy to enhance an organisations image, have been bluffed. Concrete actions have been taken and CSR is now well imbedded in everyday operations.

(Between us, if your organisation has not looked into CSR yet, you know what to do!)

Indeed, from the tsunami of reports and other papers justifying one’s business ethics, to the more subtle press releases, the CSR strategies are evolving and we are witnessing the full integration of this vision into every field of the corporate culture, with all the benefits that comes for the staff and the community.

The public transport sector is no stranger to the evolution of the CSR movement. Already symbolising sustainability, inclusion and innovation, our sector is, in many ways, a leading example of what it concretely means to be a good corporate citizen.

For this issue of the PTI Magazine, we have asked ourselves what was left from the inspiring speeches and press releases that have been delivered. Also, how, as a sector, we are driving this movement beyond words to reach the highest standard of sustainability.

We have interviewed experts and executives from all continents and all sectors to extract good practices in this field. We have asked them to share their experiences, the actions they have implemented and the policies they have adopted on such topics as waste management, gender empowerment, energy-saving technology, community engagement and tenders requirements.

If there is anything that we can learn from this issue of the PTI, it is that organisations are increasingly responsible, not only because it’s the right thing to do, or because it helps in terms of image, but because it brings value to their activities and to the people in their environment.

As the only organisation representing all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes, UITP felt we had to follow the example of our actors in our sector by making a bold environmental statement and not print this last issue of 2018.

This decision prevents the printing of around 360,000 pages and the shipping of thousands of copies on all continents.

We are thus pleased to announce that your latest PTI Magazine is now available in an all new digital format for members or subscribers, as well as on MyLibrary.

Please contact us at to request your digital copy or to subscribe to the PTI Magazine.


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