Post-COP21: convincing governments to invest in public transport

Alain Flausch on the BBC

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Following the signing of the landmark climate deal in Paris in December, the real work will now begin in order to keep the planet on track to meet the 2 degrees temperature target.

“If we want to reach the 2 degrees target, we’ll need to develop public transport as transport is one of the main emitters of CO2 and private transport is a large part of this,” said UITP Secretary General, Alain Flausch, in an interview with BBC World’s Business Live show this week.

"Investing in infrastructure is the only way to keep cities liveable and wealthy”

“Our job for the years to come will be to convince governments to keep investing in public transport and to some extent restricting the use of private cars in cities”.

Mr. Flausch also touched upon the necessity for cities of continuing to invest in transport infrastructure: “Investing in infrastructure may look expensive, but if you look at the wider economic benefits, it’s the only way to keep cities liveable and wealthy”.

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