UITP Awards: Muntinlupa leads the e-jeepney revolution in the Philippines

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The UITP Awards celebrate the most innovative and ambitious sustainable mobility projects from across the world, contributing to the sector objective of doubling the market share of public transport by 2025.

The 2017 UITP Awards were handed out during the Global Public Transport Summit in Montréal. We sat down with each winner to learn more about their project and to pick their brain about innovation in the sector.

Winner of Award for ‘Customer Experience’: City Government of Muntinlupa and the Lingkod Muntinlupa Foundation for ‘Leading the e-jeepney revolution in the Philippines’

The e-jeepney creatively re-defines the customer experience of a flexible public transport service. As a core feature of mobility in the Philippines, it utilises new technology to enable booking and payment, and an eco-friendly vehicle for service delivery, based on a customer-centred approach to service design. This is an exemplar project for flexible mobility services that is transferable to other developing areas of the world.

Grace Salvador, Program Director of Lingkod Muntinlupa, answered our questions.

Tell us briefly about your project:

The city of Muntinlupa has 34 electronic jeepney (e-jeepney) units in operation and six on the way. The vehicles contribute to the reduction of air and noise pollution, and offer access to areas that are under-served by other modes of public transport.

The city pioneered the most advanced card system program in the Philippines with the Muntinlupa Care Card (MCC). Constituents sign-up for MCC annual membership and are given smart cards, which allows for the organisation of data, the monitoring of programmes, and the improvement of services. A key project under the MCC Program is the utilisation of e-jeepneys for mass transport.

What are some of the key achievements of this project?

We were awarded the title of ‘e-jeepney Capital of the Philippines’ in October of 2016 by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines. Two years after launching the programme we now have close to 150,000 MCC holders who enjoy free rides on the e-jeepneys. The steady increase in membership is a sign of acceptance and satisfaction of Muntinlupa residents.

What lessons can other organisations learn from this project?

The city government of Muntinlupa’s careful study of the needs of its constituents and trust in innovation were key factors for the success of this public-private partnership. Jeepneys are part of Philippine culture and we considered the behaviour of users when developing Muntinlupa’s e-jeepneys. It is important to respect local culture when introducing an innovation.

It is important to respect local culture when introducing an innovation.

How does this project benefit users?

Our e-jeepneys benefit the residents of Muntinlupa city with rides that are pollution-free. We offer free rides to people with reduced mobility and senior citizens. The e-jeepneys also service areas that were previously inaccessible, thus opening up the city and improving access.


Stay tuned for interviews with the remaining winners of the UITP Awards. 

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