The coronavirus and the public transport sector: UITP issues Factsheet on management of outbreak

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The coronavirus outbreak continues to impact us all as new cases become known every day in different countries around the world.

The developments of the outbreak have been rapid and ongoing, and UITP offers our thoughts and well wishes to those impacted by the seriousness of this virus.

As a global association, with more than 1,800 members in 100 countries, UITP touches all parts of the world.

With that responsibility, we’re ready to offer advice and provide engagement for the public transport sector and those with concerns over what the outbreak means for us all.

In order to best serve the needs of the sector, we have issued a detailed set of guidelines for public transport operators in our “Management of COVID-19” Factsheet.

These guidelines have been prepared in February 2020 in the framework of the coronavirus outbreak and they aim to assist public transport operators in tailoring business continuity plans responding to the specific challenges of communicable diseases.

We're also providing our members with a series of free webinars on the topic of the Public Transport Response to Coronavirus and case studies from Shenzhen Bus in China. 

These topical and informative sessions will be available in four languages and will cover the sector's response (English and German on 19 March, Turkish on 24 March and French on 27 March) ...

and also a session on case studies from the Shenzhen Bus experience on dealing with COVID-19 (English and Chinese - both 24 March).

More information will be made available to our members in due course. 

So what does the outbreak mean for the public transport sector?

Safety is a top priority for everyone working in, and using, public transport.

Public transport systems are essential for city living and daily mobility. As moving around the cities we call home is very important; UITP believes that continuity and continued public transport services are vital.

Our Factsheet – so far available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, with more languages to follow – details recommendations on preparedness, personal protection, reduction of contact, contagiousness, travel advice and sample communication messages for staff working in public transport.

Good practices and messages of recommendation are important when concerns are raised over new outbreaks and what they mean for the world.  

Public transport is a backbone of local and national economies and an essential service to be maintained as long as reasonable.

As the situation escalates each day, preparedness is therefore the most helpful measure at this stage in most places.

It is important to follow the information given by the World Health Organisation, and staying in close contact with the national health organisations and authorities in your local area by following their guidelines.


Interested in reading the Factsheet in Spanish, French and Portuguese? Read them here.

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