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Combined Mobility

Dealing with digital change: IT-TRANS keynote speaker Christoph Bornschein has your strategy in mind

  • Future of Mobility
  • Sustainability
  • Urban mobility

Get to know our IT-Trans 2020 keynote speaker as Christoph Bornschein brings digitalisation to the stage!

Digitalisation continues to redefine the way we live, the way we interact, and crucially for the world of urban mobility, the way we move.

As the progressive digital transition continues to change our everyday lives, the public transport sector has embraced new technologies to make the way we move around our cities as efficient and customer-friendly as possible.

Public transport is for all people and digitalisation is a people-centric approach.

So when you place the spotlight firmly on the people, it’s time to bring to theIT-TRANSstage the person who understands what the digital evolution is capable of delivering:enter Christoph Bornschein.

Christoph Bornschein, as CEO and Co-Founder ofTLGG,is the person you want tolead your digital strategy– as a counsellor to global companies and brands such as Bayer, Ford, ING, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank and KUBIKx – he will address how thedigital transformation is changing our societyand what thatmeans for public transport.

IT-TRANS has offered decision makers the platform to learn aboutthe digitalisation of public transportand see the latest innovations up close. Christoph will inform our audience aboutthe ways in which that evolution impacts urban mobility.

Believing that every brand experience has to bemore than a moment, but believing thatone moment can decide everything– Christoph and his team guide brands, products, ideas and companies to theright place, at the right time.

Everything is full of data and knowledge is everywhere…and Christoph’s company has been advising, guiding and developing for more than a decade.

Why Christoph? … and Why IT-TRANS?

Christoph facilitates change on a daily basis. As a thought leader on the organisational transformation, his expertise is sought out across the globe.

Alongside his TLGG roles, with offices in Berlin and New York, Christoph is a member of the Advisory and Supervisory Boards ofING, KUBIKx, Deutsche BankandLufthansa’s Innovation Hub, has headed Communications, Marketing and Public Relations teams, has owned a Communications firm and studied Law and Trade Law.

Specialising insingle market integration, investment taxation, digital educationand more, Christoph is also a lecturer at the Good School, a published author and works as a mentor and investor to start-ups around the world.


IT-TRANS is all about the future of urban mobility (Karlsruhe, Germany 3-5 March 2020) – and as we begin the seventh edition it’s important to reflect on what’s to come.


As the defining event focused on IT and digitalisation in public transport,IT-TRANS will consider the progression being made in our sector, with a close eye on the future.


Our cities are at their very best when people can move around with different options on their doorsteps: they live and breathe best when an efficient and user-friendly public transport network is the first choice for movement.
Great public transport impacts our everyday lives for the better…


And as we debate the ongoing digitalisation process, Christoph will show us what embracing technology and a solid digital strategy can do for you and your company.

Join us to see what that change looks like ‘today, tomorrow, later and always’

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