On e-mission in Bonn: six ZeEUS e-buses to commence regular service

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The event inaugurating the service of 6 Bozankaya Sileo e-vehicles took place yesterday. The conference welcomed The 'Climate Astronauts' of Gottfried Kinkel Elementary School Oberkassel, who arrived on E-Mission in Bonn with the song Climate Astronauts (listen here).

Complete switchover by 2030

According to the study, it would be possible to switch over to electric buses throughout the entire transportation network by about 2030. The theoretical deliberations have been confirmed in practical tests using the electric buses of various manufacturers. The award of the contract for participation in the EU’s ZeEUS support project with 6 e-buses has facilitated the decision to purchase these vehicles, which are still quite expensive, to a considerable degree.

Electromobility is viewed as the market of the future

Public local passenger transport has always been a mode of transport that is exceptionally environment-friendly. With more than a hundred years’ experience of electromobility in the sphere of railways, its chances as regards bus transport are now to be discovered too. However, to get the upper hand against the established diesel technology, further advances have to be made in both battery and charging technologies. Support programmes such as the EU’s ZeEUS demonstration project create the commercial framework that enables the public local passenger transport system to try out electric buses in regular services while also giving industry scope for further research in the engineering and standardization sphere.

SWB Bus und Bahn differs from other local transport companies in that it is putting its faith in electric buses with a wide range.

The electric buses in Bonn will be powered with SWB’s “BonnNatur Strom” green power product. The product bears the “Green Power” quality label awarded by the environmental associations and consists 100% of electric power from renewable sources. By this means, Bonn’s six new buses will be powered in a CO2-neutral fashion. 

Both passengers and the local residents appreciate electric buses due to their being quiet

It will still take some time for electric buses to get the upper hand in regular transport services nationwide. But the electric vehicles that SWB Bus und Bahn has tested in regular transport services since 2013 have already been very positively received both by passengers and by local residents in streets with intensive bus service traffic.

Bonn - a UN city: For sustainable development and climate protection

By addressing the topics of sustainability and climate protection, the Federal City of Bonn, inter alia the seat of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework on Climate Change), wishes to fulfil its particular responsibility as the German United Nations City. The six electric buses and the City’s participation in the EU’s ZeEUS project are yet another of Bonn’s climate protection projects, and complement the municipal programme for the promotion of electromobility in our region.

You can find further information at www.swb-ebusse.de.

In case of questions, contact Pauline Bruge: pauline.bruge@uitp.org.

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