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Electric fleets for clean cities: ASSURED project launches demo in Barcelona

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The ASSURED project wants to boost the uptake of electric fleets in cities by supporting the interoperability of e-vehicles  

Making our streets greener and our cities more liveable: it is what we aspire to achieve every day.

E-mobility is dubbed by many as one of the core solutions to reach this goal, and it is at the essence of the EU-funded project ASSURED. Launched in 2017, ASSURED is developing and testing innovative solutions to support the standardisation and interoperability of electric vehicles, enabling operators to mix and match different brands of vehicles and chargers, making the uptake of e-vehicles easier and less costly.

Now, UITP is happy to announce ASSURED launches its Barcelona Demo on 18 March (10.30 – 11.30 CET) online, showcasing solutions developed in the project that enable interoperability between buses and chargers with panto-up technology.

The Barcelona launch is the second in a series of demos taking place across Europe, after the first demo was kicked off in Gothenburg late last year. The event on 18 March will be hosted by operator TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) and will gather the presence of the European Commission, UITP, the ASSURED Consortium, and TMB.

It is great to witness the very concrete progress ASSURED is making towards greener cities and more sustainable mobility. Thanks to ASSURED’s work on the definition of standards for e-bus charging and the publication of the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference, electric buses can now be charged independently of the brand of vehicle or charger. This is a massive step towards the large-scale deployment of e-bus fleets. I’m looking forward to experiencing this interoperability for panto-up charging first hand on 18 March.
Umberto Guida
Senior Director Knowledge & Innovation, UITP

The Demo Launch will show interoperability between vehicles and chargers in real operation

The kick-off will show interoperability between vehicles and chargers in real operation, supported by the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference developed in the framework of the project. For the demo, VDL Bus & Coach, Irizar, Jema, Heliox and ABB will display their buses and chargers, fully integrated into TMB operation.

Further ASSURED demos will take place in Osnabruck and Eindhoven, so stay tuned!

For more information about the event and to register at the link.

Our active participation in ASSURED fits within the objective of positioning TMB and the Barcelona metropolis as benchmarks in innovation and leaders in sustainable mobility. At TMB we are on the road to the electrification of urban bus transport, and this means not only new types of vehicles but also charging and management infrastructures, in and outside depots. We have the challenge of promoting advanced, efficient and fully interoperable charging technologies to provide a flexible and efficient service to citizens.
Gerardo Lertxundi
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