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Horizon 2020

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The European Commission is expanding funding available under its research and innovation scheme Horizon 2020 to almost €16 billion with €756 million especially earmarked for transport-related activities within the new 2016-2017 Work Programme.

Smart, green and integrated transport is one of the EU's top priorities and several activities under the new biennial Work Programme will help mobilise research to generate innovative solutions. Among them, the areas of Automated Vehicles and the European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI) deserve special attention.

The Automated Road Transport call (€114 million over two years) will seek to address the paradigm changes in the automotive sector which hold the promise of improving safety and energy efficiency while reducing congestion and emissions on Europe’s roads.

As for the calls under the European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI) (€206.50 million over two years), they will fund research and innovation in the implementation of future road transport technologies and alternative fuels with the final goal to decrease pollution and noise level in urban areas.

By coordinating the EBSF_2 project and partnering ELIPTIC, SETRIS and IT2Rail, UITP is already actively involved in the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Earlier this month, Umberto Guida (Deputy Director of the European Department and EU Projects Director, UITP), represented UITP at the Info Day on the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Smart, green and integrated transport' and shared UITP’s experience on keys to successful projects. He said “Project is a collaborative platform between all the stakeholders. By gathering right experts in a right place and maximising coordination between them, projects produce needed answers and valid solutions for improving life quality”.

The Work Programme for 2016 – 2017 under “Smart, green and integrated transport” is available here.

Horizon 2020 is the latest EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the financial instrument for funding research in Europe. Running for a seven-year period, from 2014 to 2020, it has a dedicated budget of nearly €80 billion and is designed to implement Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness.

The Horizon 2020 Group on MyUITP aims to provide information about the various funding opportunities offered by the EU Programme Horizon 2020. The Group also serves UITP members as a platform to identify possible project partners within opened calls.

For more information, please contact Umberto Guida:


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