GALILEO FOR MOBILITY improves mobility services using satellite navigation

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In the past year, shared mobility services have grown rapidly, allowing people to access easy and flexible means of transportation according to their needs. In this dynamic context, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a natural step in this evolution, making it possible for users to access various mobility services in a simple way, often with an application on their mobile phone.

To further develop MaaS initiatives, UITP has been involved in the IMOVE project since July 2017, which aims to accelerate deployment and unlock the scalability of MaaS in Europe to pave the way for a “roaming” capability for MaaS users by investigating innovative business and technology enablers.

To increase expertise in this domain, UITP has entered another EU-funded project related to MaaS: GALILEO FOR MOBILITY, coordinated by Pildo Labs Wessex LTD. The project aims to support the introduction of GALILEO technology, the European Union's Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS), which provides accurate positioning and timing information within the MaaS context.

The geolocation of users and vehicles plays a key role for the MaaS scheme, as detailed information about the position of the traveller and about the means of transport available can help in the choice of mobility services. GALILEO can improve the precision of this geolocation information, increasing the quality of these services.

To support the use of GALILEO, the project analyses the needs of the different stakeholders involved and which kind of localisation information they need. Furthermore, it will test the benefits of GALILEO technologies through pilot demonstrators of shared mobility services in Cervello, Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Paris Saclay and Milton Keynes.

For more information on GALILEO FOR MOBILITY, contact Guido Di Pasquale.

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