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Hearts are the symbol of love. They are used to express and communicate in the most simple, yet sincere way, how we feel towards our dearest ones. Hearts also represent the centre or the hub around which an ecosystem blossoms.

But maybe more precisely, the heart is our most vital organ. It keeps each and every one of us breathing, moving, thinking. A muscle pumping millions of blood cells in and out of a highly sophisticated system. A complex network within which, pulse after pulse, each individual blood cell is navigating its own route between two destinations.

When you think about it, public transport stations perform similar functions.

Indeed, stations today are no longer the dark and scary public spaces of the past passengers had to transition between two terminals.They are conceived as living spaces where the functionality of mobility meets the comfort of accessibility, and the beauty of aesthetic design. Much more than mere transit centres, stations have become destinations in themselves, a comfort zone where users – passengers and non-travelling visitors alike – can eat, work, exchange or simply enjoy the moment.

The experiences shared in these hubs can now be appreciated with our loved ones. While they were almost scars in our urban environment, stations are today seen as landmarks improving our everyday commuting, as well as the quality of life of urban dwellers, no matter from which neighbourhood they are from.

Last but not least, urban mobility stations lie at the very heart of this incredibly complex, yet common to us all, ecosystem that are our cities. They cater to millions of passengers from the home to the workplace, leisure activities, friendship meeting points, schools and any other services that they have to attend.

In many ways, stations really are the beating heart of our cities, representing the values we share, the cities we live in, and the organisation that keeps our cities breathing, moving, thinking.

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