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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has not only emerged as a mega-trend in public transport but has become the foundation for a new paradigm putting customers at the centre of urban mobility services. For this reason, UITP has been quick to participate and invest in innovative projects to help the sector adjust to this new paradigm.

The IMOVE project, started in June 2017 and due to close in December 2019, aims at addressing the challenges of integrating new mobility services. Innovative business and technology enablers are being investigated to accelerate and scale up the MaaS market in Europe. As the ultimate objective, the project will pave the way for a ‘roaming’ capability for MaaS users in Europe.


IMOVE has launched an Open Call to select and integrate an additional Living Lab committed to implementing and testing some of the IMOVE innovations in collaboration with the IMOVE partners. The selected applicant will become a new beneficiary of the IMOVE project and will receive funds from the IMOVE project budget.

The aim of the Open Call is twofold: to improve the potential and impact of the IMOVE MaaS supporting solutions by evaluating a test case that has not taken part in the initial investigation and design phases of the IMOVE solutions; and to assess the transferability of IMOVE solutions to other European sites.

Cities or regional areas already engaged in a MaaS scheme and interested in experimenting novel solutions are invited to submit their applications to join our investigation through a new Living Lab and become a new IMOVE project partner.

To apply, please consult the IMOVE open call webpage here.

The deadline to apply is 29 June 2018.


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