Invitation to join the ASSURED Public Transport User Group

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ASSURED, an EU-funded research project led by VUB, aims at boosting the electrification of urban commercial vehicles and their integration with high-power fast-charging infrastructure across Europe.

Using innovative charging-management strategies, ASSURED will contribute to reducing noise and air pollution, as well as the total cost of ownership and operational costs of urban commercial fleets. In light of fleet upscaling, the impact on grid stability and reliability will also be explored in order to ensure a secure energy supply.

The ASSURED Public Transport User Group, led by UITP, will gather public transport authorities and operators to enlarge the assessment and validation of the ASSURED concepts and results through independent expert advice.

During dedicated meetings, the Public Transport User Group members will contribute actively to the operational performance assessment of the developed solutions, in particular, regarding the interoperability of the charging solutions developed and tested within the project. Members will provide updates on the latest developments on electric buses in their cities enabling mutual learning and knowledge exchange.

The User Group members will also follow the evolution of the ASSURED project activities, contribute to the project development and validate the project results. Through the User Groups assessments, the Consortium will be able to widen its results, adapting them better to the needs of public transport operators and authorities.

More details can be found in the Info Sheet.

We actively encourage public transport authorities and operators interested in the deployment and upscaling of high capacity e-bus fleets to join us at the ASSURED Public Transport User Group! If you are interested in joining the ASSURED Public Transport User Group, please contact Aida Abdulah ( at your earliest convenience but no later than Friday, 9 March 2018. Following this exchange, we will send you a contract that will be signed by both parties as an official agreement.

At UITP, we are highly involved in the electrification process of buses and heavy-duty vehicles in cities all over the world. This week’s Electric Bus training programme in Marseille, France, was successfully sold out due to immense interest in the course!

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