IT breakthrough changes the game for bus operators

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Within the European Bus System of the Future 2 project (EBSF_2) , UITP collaborates with its member Transport for London (TfL), Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT)  and other partners to test a standardised on-board IT architecture for buses. The objective being to prove that IT equipment from multiple providers could operate as one system in an operating fleet. A demonstration held in London on 19 September 2017 gathered 105 public transport stakeholders to experience first-hand the challenges and results of trailing this standards based concept in an existing bus fleet.

The key objective was to implement a standardised on-board IT architecture for buses that could integrate and work efficiently with bus systems from multiple providers. The demonstration focused on Automatic Vehicles Location (AVL) technology, but could be expanded for Automatic Passenger Counting (APC), ticketing, telematics and more.

If adopted, the ITxPT model could mean that fleet operators and passenger transport authorities are not bound to one supplier and this could significantly reduce costs as well as implementation time, hopefully lowering costs for bus-riders and increasing reaction time on population demands.

The London demonstration implemented on-board bus technology, provided by multiple suppliers, within a current London bus fleet. Interoperability of IT systems in buses is a true breakthrough for the industry. On 29 November, another demo event will take place in San Sebastian, Spain, hosted by CEIT.

As IT developments continue to offer revolutionary improvements to current public transport systems, UITP co-founded the ITxPT association, which develops standards for interoperable “plug-and-play” on-board and back-office IT-systems. The organisation counts today 50 public transport operators and authorities, system suppliers as well as vehicle manufacturers.

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